Tuesday 28 June 2022
Danish pop music eager to make you dance

Fresh winds are blowing in the Danish pop music scene.

Just ask Blæst (translates to ‘wind’).

They have gained success with their special brand of Danish-language pop music that is rich in catchy melodies and a cheery mood, which makes room for both a party atmosphere and some thoughtfulness.

In front, the band has Fernanda Rosa who sings her youthful lyrics with everyday observations that elegantly turn into light poetry. Blæst has songs about romances, about being down – and even about colourful party crashers at Roskilde Festival!

Just listen to hits like "Ego", "Kig op fra gulvet" and "Juice".

The Danish four-piece has found a sound that has struck a chord with Danish music fans. The band has gotten a lot of airplay on the Danish radio channels, and when they play live they attract constantly growing crowds.

With inspiration from Danish pop scene from the 80s, Blæst brings a contemporary sound full of colourful and funky productions – and a knack for melodies that consequently hits the bull’s eye.

The band released its debut EP back in 2020. Now, they have signed a record deal with Universal Music and keep churning out tunes that will make you dance ecstatically about. Catch Blæst on the Rising stage at Roskilde Festival 2022.