Wednesday 29 June 2022
Sunlicked soul music from new sensational Texas duo


Somewhere in Texas a hot soul music is sprouting from the ground. It is grown by a talented duo who manage to do everything right by doing their own thing – and they happen to be a phenomenal live band as well! And they understand that soul music should be about the feeling and that it should speak as much to the head as to the heart.

Listening to the band’s self-titled 2019 debut album, it's not difficult to understand the universal appeal that they have. The Puma sound has this retro-right warmth from the golden age of soul music. The production is crisp and defined, and the melodies touch a sensitivity that speaks into the present.

Black Pumas’ frontman Eric Burton (not to be confused with the former The Animals singer) grew up in sunny California, and like many other soul singers he cut his teeth by singing in church. After a few years as a busking musician, he moved to Austin where he met Adrian Quesada who had a bunch of instrumental songs calling for a voice like Burton's. And so Black Pumas were born.

Black Pumas have long since earned a reputation as an outstanding live band. On stage, they expand to a sextet, which adds extra spark to their fine tunes. Eric Burton is also a man of the people who has never met a stage barrier he didn’t want to breach to come close to his audience. The band has also been awarded something special in their hometown. The mayor of Austin has declared 7 May as the official Black Pumas Day.

The rest of the world is listening too. The 2021 Grammy Awards didn’t only see Black Pumas performing. They were also nominated in several categories, including 'Record of the Year'. More should definitely be coming their way, we predict. And right now, Black Pumas are busy working on album number two.

So, they’re bringing a lot of new songs to the stage when they perform at Roskilde Festival 2022. Get ready. Soon Black Pumas' hot soul music will be battling the sun for high temperatures.