Tuesday 28 June 2022
Curious and peculiar pop music from new Danish duo

Blikfang translates to ‘eye catcher’. What catches your eye and makes you prick up your ears?

Perhaps when very different musical expressions merge and create something new and fresh.

That's the case with Blikfang.

They are a brand-new duo, consisting of producer David Engelbrecht (from the band FRAADS) and singer Søren Gade (from the band Lød). David comes out of the urban scene while Søren has grown out of post-punk by ways of the alternative hotbed Mayhem in Copenhagen.

Together, they make a peculiar kind of pop music with a sound that is both new and Danish in a very special way. They look towards the pastel-coloured 80s, yet the music seems completely modern and shiny at the same time.

In 2021, Blikfang released their debut EP Vores rum for altid (‘our room forever’). Søren Gade's lyrics cultivate 'the good feelings', and he doesn’t mind giving the songs a rosy and romantic tinge. These are love songs which you can dance infatuatedly around to. Even when the songs are in the minor key.

David Engelbrecht's production blends the organic and the electronic. It is curious, subtle and often quite surprising. And you can be certain that it will put a smile on your lips.

Blikfang are the new boys in the class but maybe there is some kind of prophecy in their name (remember: ‘eye catcher’). That they're called what they will become. Follow them on the way up at Roskilde Festival when they play the Rising stage.