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A herd of female horses will dance through the campsite – as a comment on the existence of power and the female body.

In our cities, on bronze horses, proud kings quietly stare above our heads. Their history and visual male dominance daily manifested and passed on to the next generation.

Where are the women and their stories?

Byström Källblad make sure that there are plenty of them at Roskilde Festival!

So, at the campsite you can expect an amazing sight when a herd of female horses, dancers, are riding through the landscape.

The Swedish duo are using horses as a symbol of power. They are investigating how it to their own bodies and traditional images of women in public spaces. That’s why they call this project City Horses.

The Swedish duo Byström Källblad makes work for the stage, the gallery and the public space. Artist Helena Byström and choreographer Anna Källblad share a desire to tell stories from and based in collaboration and exchange with specific places and its people.

The performance is realised in collaboration with The Swedish Arts Council and the Roskilde-based theatre Aaben Dans.