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There are no taboos in the realm of feminism and revenge. Swedish graffiti artist decorates the facade of the Gloria stage with the massive mural called "Pussy Ass Peace".

The title of Swedish artist Carolina Falkholt’s contribution to Roskilde Festival 2022 is Pussy Ass Peace. Falkholt has proved herself fearless in her hardheaded analysis of the patriarchy – and for her there are no taboos in the realm of feminism and revenge.

The massive mural she will create for the façade of the Gloria stage raises questions of the public sphere and of the artist role in society, and of democracy, ableism, mental health, care and queer female sexuality.

As an artist Carolina Falkholt is known for her monumental, site-specific and improvised murals and her long-term commitment to the mural and graffiti in public space. She has an established system of painting where she uses a series of circles and spheres to develop aspects of her imagery, which includes a variety of different but often sexually explicit motifs.

She is engaged in questions of the public sphere and of democracy, including questioning the role that the artist can play in generating dialogue that art can position. The processes identified are the production of art works and the mediation of dialogue over these works including through social media and press and media.