Thursday 30 June 2022
Quirky and artsy indie rock from Wales’ wonderful original

Cate Le Bon is a Welsh artist who first played around like-minded skewed musicians such as Gruff Rhys (from Super Furry Animals), Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and even John Cale. With playmates like that it’s no wonder Le Bon’s music is adventurous, quirky and playful.

In 2013, Cate Le Bon bought a one-way ticket from rainy Wales to sunny California and has since found new collaborators in the likes of Kevin Morby, White Fence, Eleanor Friedberger and Bradford Cox (Deerhunter).

Cate Le Bon’s indie music is unpredictable and off-the-wall. It’s like a lush, wild garden full of funny plants and colourful flowers that grow in all directions at once. You can make out psychedelia inspirations, avant-garde impulses and a penchant for folky grandeur.

Reward (2019), her fifth album, made Cate Le Bon a name to remember. The album has reaped stellar reviews and it was shortlisted for the much sought-after Mercury Prize.

Cate Le Bon has just released her sixth album, Pompeii, which – as per usual, we’re tempted to say (ok, we said it!) – has been received with raving reviews (look here). The labum is more of a subdued affair with plenty of nods to David Bowie’s mid-70s period with a slowly rocking, quirky unease, which has always been a part of Cate Le Bon’s DNA. Just listen to the excellent singles ”Moderation” and ”Running Away”.

When Cate Le Bon and her band returns to Roskilde Festival (she first played here in 2016), you can expect a fun and fervent performance from one of Wales’ wonderful originals.