Saturday 2 July 2022
Star-to-be London rapper with a big social conscience

Che Lingo is an anomaly in the UK music scene. In a very good way!

He’s one of the most versatile rappers of his generation, able to switch from classic grime over sentimental R&B to the slurring, cinematic menace of US trap. Fluid and melodic, it’s a sound which straddles the US and the UK with a distinctly London punch.

Che Lingo can really make your jaw drop when listening – unless you’re too busy moshing around to his potent sounds!

Just give his debut album, The Worst Generation, a listen. He does it all with a subtle assuredness.

The album is a blistering collection of tracks that chronicles Che Lingo’s relationship with South London – full of discrimination and prejudice including police brutality (make sure you give “My Block” a listen!) but also emotional intelligence in love and mental health, and the importance of women in society.

The critics all agree – Che Lingo’s music is absolutely vital listening for our current time!

Che Lingo’s strong social conscience was forged on the streets of Wandsworth (he jokingly calls himself the Wizard of Wandsworth) where he witnessed a great deal of crime during his childhood. Music provided a welcome source of escape – and Che, by his early teens, was already writing music and showcasing his talent in local youth clubs.

At 21, he was discovered and he soon released a couple of EPs, and it didn’t take long before English actor Idris Elba came knocking and signed Che Lingo to his label 7Wallace.

Most recently, Che Lingo has released the single “Eyes on the Prize”, which is an empowering piece of music for all black athletes. But the title could also translate to his own ascension. Either way, it’s a winning track for a winning artist who is bound to be big.

Catch him at Roskilde Festival 2022!