Thursday 30 June 2022
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Socially conscious music producer wants to reclaim his clubbing venues

San Francisco-based DJ, producer and dance music historian Chrissy wants to stir the sleeping masses back into action. He is frustrated by the loss of the communal spaces that foster the community upon which dance culture is based.

He’s made the album Physical Release which serves as some kind of manifesto for dance music and all the spaces that they take place in. These tunes have the essence of rave's golden age while sounding thoroughly modern.

Chrissy is a dance music polymath who can and will do anything (he once did a one-genre-a-week-for-a-year mix series).

Currently, he is much into rave-y techno, house and jungle. A genre blend that really makes you long for the euphoria of the dance floors – wherever they may be.

In this case the dance floor is right in front of the Apollo stage at Roskilde Festival.

Chrissy previously worked under the name Chrissy Murderbot. As a producer, he's released a swathe of records exploring his long-held love of house and disco for a variety of well-regarded labels, including Classic, Freerange, Super Rhythm Trax and the Cool Ranch and Nite Owl Diner imprints he co-founded with Alex Burkat.

This is an experienced cat in dance music who will get you moving in no time when he takes the Apollo stage.