Friday 1 July 2022

Plays as part of the Friday programme

Anthemic synth pop from loveable Scottish trio

Iridescent synths, sugary melodies and a bubbling energy. That’s exactly what we know the Scottish trio CHVRCHES for. And we know their gigs for emotional bursts of sad-joy, drama and brilliance.

With their ready hooks and fondness for grand gestures, CHVRCHES brought pop with a capital P back to synth pop. That was evident from the start. The 2013 hit catapulted the band way up on the pop sky – and they have since proven that they are a band to be reckoned with.

CHVRCHES have always had the songs, the style and the sound for the big audiences. They turn on the coloured lamps and maximise everything on their constant journey towards catharsis.

The band’s true trump card is singer Lauren Mayberry. She has a crystal-clear voice that sings with both joy and melancholy. And when performing live she’s commanding the stage with calm confidence and charisma while dancing with a childlike joy. She is flanked by Martyn Doherty and Jonny Scott who handle all the instruments.

CHVRCHES certainly wear their hearts on the sleeves. The songs are flowing over with emotions. At the same time the songs call for sing-alongs and for dancing and jumping up and down.

Robert Smith from The Cure is a big fan of the band – and you understand why. CHVRCHES bring some of that same drama that inhabits The Cure’s songs. It’s no surprise to find Robert Smith singing on the Scottish trio’s brooding "How Not to Drown" off their latest album, the horror-themed Screen Violence (2021).

Early adopters of CHVRCHES will remember the admiration for how much the band could pull off back then as a three-piece with just vocals, synths and drum machines. They have sinceupped their live game with a live drummer, which adds both depth and oomph to their sound.

There’s always a sense of catharsis in hearing CHVRCHES perform their songs live, channelling isolating feelings and darkness into defiant, visceral synth-pop songs experienced collectively.

Get ready to sing and dance your heart out when CHVRCHES take the stage for a late-night concert at Roskilde Festival 2022, their comeback since 2016.