Wednesday 29 June 2022
Sizzlingly hot sounds of Afro-Cuban funk will make you move

Erick Iglesias Rodríguez, the Cuban singer known as Cimafunk, has brought a new groove to the Havana music scene with his Afro-Cuban soul. And to the world!

Bringing the funk to Cuban rhythms (and vice versa), Cimafunk embraces the piquant playfulness of timeless Cuban music with 21st-century style, referencing timba as well as trova.

As a showman, he has been compared to James Brown but his flair comes from the Afro-Cuban rhythms that inspire his music.

Cimafunk has got the groove, the swing and the moves in him. Check out this live recording from a recent show in Havana – it’ll get you moving about in no time!

The moniker refers to its heritage as a ‘cimarrón’ – Africans who resisted and escaped slavery – as well as to the essence of its music that aims at escaping well-known paths by playing with rhythms.

Cimafunk released his debut album, Terapia, in 2017. The album exploded onto Havana’s music scene, filling balconies, almendrones (Cuban taxis usually normally vibrating with loud reggaeton), dance floors and groups of teens wheeling boom boxes around town. Cimafunk’s hit song “Me Voy” was to be heard everywhere!

In 2021, the funky Cuban released his second album, El Elimento, which is full of danceable songs that blend Afro-Cuban rhythms and classic American funk, rap and soul. Cimafunk has invited prominent guests to feature, including George Clinton, CeelLo Green and Lupe Fiasco.

Cimafunk has toured intensely in the US and is starting to make a name for himself outside of the Cuban borders. Next up: Roskilde Festival.

Come get your tropical heat on when Cimafunk takes the stage.