Friday 1 July 2022
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Nordic Music Prize winner takes you on musical trips into the landscape

Go on a hike with Clarissa Connelly. Both on a musical tour of the mind but also literally on a trip into the Danish landscapes.

The Scottish-born, Copenhagen-based musician makes a special kind of atmospheric avant-garde folk music. Her songs exist in a dichotomy where electronics intersect with heavenly melodies. And when they meet, something magic happens. Everything is beautifully elevated by Clarissa Connelly's unique voice.

Imagine the sound of Enya crossed with the sound of Sinead O'Connor. That sort of describes Connelly’s music. And yet not. But it does provide an idea of the dreamy, adventurous and playful music with gorgeous vocals, which really takes us into the landscapes.

And the above-mentioned hike refers directly to Connelly's second album, The Voyager, from 2020. The songs were composed after Connelly had been on a hike in the Danish countryside where she came across old burial mounds, Viking fortresses and more. It resulted in the app Vandringen (‘wandering’), developed by the Italian musician Gianluca Elia and with Connelly as the musical creator.

In 2021, Clarissa Connelly won the esteemed Nordic Music Prize with The Voyager. The award ceremony was in Oslo during the industry festival by:Larm where Connelly also give a live performance in a church. Her mythological-sounding songs really spread their wings in the big church room. But really, she can create great musical spaces with her songs almost wherever she plays. Together with a well-playing band, her detailed compositions light up from the stage.

Most recently, Clarissa Connelly has released the soundtrack Guild for Games for the fantasy universe of Magic: The Gathering. The piece was originally created specifically for the exhibition Planeswalkers, which was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in early 2021.