Saturday 2 July 2022
Hook-laden country-pop mashup rips up the rule book

CMAT (acronym for Ciara Mary Alice Thompson) makes country pop of the kind that respects and understands the history of that musical tradition, but who also isn’t afraid to completely rip up the rule book and embrace the most pop-timist of attitudes.

She’s from Dublin, Ireland but if we didn’t tell you, you’d be sure that she was from somewhere near “Nashville”.

It really makes sense that she has namedropped Dolly Parton and Katy Perry as her two biggest influences.

CMAT is a very gifted songwriter. Her songs are mournful yet accessible, emotionally literate and cleverly crafted, but, crucially, with a huge sense of humour. And they aren’t afraid to celebrate hyper-femininity, pop culture and kitsch. These are songs that would invoke all of the same emotions whether they were played in a sold-out stadium or a Nashville bar.

CMAT describes herself as a global pop star and certainly performs and writes music as if she is one.

Her music has taken Ireland by storm, with her debut album, If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, entering the Irish album charts at number one. Her live shows sell out to fans who sing along to her comically inappropriate lyrics (head over here and have a look for yourself).

CMAT will bring a full band with her to Roskilde Festival. Look forward to some fun-loving grandeur and wry humour and, of course, loads of great songs!