Tuesday 28 June 2022
How are you a part of the democracy? Participate actively in a play and gain perspectives on how you can influence the situation.

"DEMOCRACY – AND SO WHAT?" is the title of a scene played by three actors whose task is to make the situation critical and create conflict between the characters.

The conflict stems from conflicting attitudes towards democracy and society.

Now, it’s up to you and your fellow festival-goers to handle the conflict by stopping the situation and coming up with possible solutions, new arguments and new points of view.

With the help of a facilitator, you need to make your case and resolve the situation. For this session it’s Runi Lewerissa who is an actor, director and playwright.

The actors on stage are Nadezhda Klimenko, Arash Mosaddegh and Sammy Germain.

The play is created by C:NTACT who use performing arts and personal stories to create lively encounters between people. C:NTACT is a social-cultural organisation that works across social, cultural or economic divides to create new understandings and challenge established worldviews. They give young and marginalised voices equal opportunities to participate in the democratic conversation through arts and social entrepreneurship.