Thursday 30 June 2022
The Danish singer exposes her vulnerability with soulful R&B pop ballads

If you are looking for music that is like balm to the soul, then you have come to the right place. That’s the kind of thing that Coco O. specialises in.

The Danish musician delivers songs and – not least – vocals that you can immerse yourself in. Her voice really has an impact even though she sings her notes gently.

34-year-old Coco O. has been on quite a journey.

She first drew attention to herself as one half of the pop-soul duo Quadron who also attracted international attention. Based in Los Angeles, Coco O. collaborated with Tyler, The Creator (the two first met at Roskilde Festival in 2011!), among others, and she contributed to the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby (with the song "Where the Wind Blows").

Then she went solo.

In 2018, she released a double single titled Dolceaqua. Coco O. came up with a new, more sparse expression. She pared down her sound, made it intimate, and put her strongest weapon – her voice – all in front. It was about honesty. But also about love. The sad kind. You won’t find many others out there who sing better than Coco O. about broken hearts.

In 2021, she released her solo debut album, It's a Progress. It is the result of a homemade production, done during corona lockdown, which is mirrored in the minimalist arrangements. Coco O. sings about love, and she also sings a critique of the male-dominated music industry.

The Danish musician has played both in large concert halls and in more intimate settings (including seven nights in a row at a smaller Copenhagen venue). No matter where she steps onto the stage she really takes it with a special elegance and power-woman appearance that just triumph. Just watch her recent live performance at Danish award show P3 Gold where she was accompanied by choir singers and a piano. She won over everyone.