Saturday 2 July 2022
The hard-hitting hardcore metallers create a new super band with Chelsea Wolfe in the line-up


In a lunar eclipse, the moon turns blood-red.

Who is a more obvious choice to deliver the soundtrack for such an event than the mighty hardcore metallers Converge and their new super band, suitably called Bloodmoon?

Converge is a band with a muscular sound that connects the whipping energy of punk with the rumbling heaviness of metal. They are one of the most innovative and intense acts in heavy music. An ambition that they constantly add new facets to.

The Massachusetts four-piece has stirred up sonic storms since the 90s. Jane Doe, the band's 2001 album, is a true milestone. A wild, technical and inventive mix of punk, hardcore, math and metal that has inspired almost every like-minded band that has followed in its wake.

Everything that the band puts out is of towering quality – and constantly searching for new noisy areas to explore. Brutal and precise and yet out of control. Just the way we like it!

The year was 2016 when Bloodmoon first became a reality on stage. Here, Converge teamed up with Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man), Chelsea Wolfe and her guitarist Ben Chisholm. They did a few special performances that put the audience in a special dark trance with their hard-hitting and brooding energy.

Now, the members have entered the studio with the project, and a record is on its way. Expectations are high as they always are with Converge. You can easily look forward to a new batch of black diamonds that will shine together with the red moon.

When they step on stage at Roskilde Festival 2022, you can look forward to an energetic blast of a show that will suck you in. If you want a taste of things to come, here you can catch the band when Bloodmoon first saw the light of day (or rather, the darkness of night!).