Wednesday 29 June 2022
Stylish techno capturing the euphoria of club culture. This summer, Avery will be debuting his long-awaited, first ever live shows.

Daniel Avery is a renowned producer hailing from Bournemouth. He produces music that is suitable both for club and home listening, encompassing abstract techno, house, IDM, ambient and shoegaze.

The 36-year-old producer released his critically acclaimed debut album, Drone Logic, back in 2013, which functions as a blueprint for everything he’s worked on since then. He is always making sure to weld mind-expanding melodies onto his alternately soothing and slamming beats.

His later releases have worked more towards contrasts in sound. He still loves his techno but he’s unafraid of pausing the drum machines and giving a sense of weightlessness to some ambient productions that just float.

2018’s Song for Alpha was ethereal and ambient-laced while 2020’a double release Love + Light was split into two sections, one filled with pulsating beats and noisy, industrial synths, the other with ghostly, floaty compositions. 

Daniel Avery has kept busy during lockdown times. In 2021, he was ready with Together in Static, an album which was originally intended to be a live production. But due to the lockdown situation in the UK, that didn’t happen so he turned it into an album instead. Together in Static translates the emotions of being away from dance clubs with a sound that marries kaleidoscopic, synth-laden ambient with pulsing beats.

When Avery gets to be behind the decks in front of a live audience, you can expect a euphoric experience with live mixes that never stop but build and develop towards new peaks and valleys. In fact, this will be a world premiere of Avery playing live. If you’re unfamiliar with Avery, we suggest that you press play on this show. That will give you an idea of the kinds of sounds he’s conjuring up.

Join the kinetic party when Daniel Avery lets loose at Roskilde Festival 2022 with the Danish debut of his brand new live show.