Wednesday 29 June 2022
A great country singer. An excellent raucous rocker. The perfect delivery man of tear-jerking acoustic ballads. And the songwriter of ultra-melodic power pop. Yes, he does it all!

Who cares about genres as long as the music’s good, right?

Take Canadian artist Daniel Romano, for instance. He’s an excellent songwriter.

But the thing is you can never know which style to expect from him.

His versatile stylistic range includes country music, folk, punk, power pop and psych rock. He’s been around most of it. And whatever style his songs are wrapped inside, they always come out as timeless shiny gems.

Daniel Romano keeps busy. Since his solo debut in 2010 (Workin’ for the Music Man), he has steadily released music every single year. In 2018, he three albums! And in 2020 he beat all personal records. He turned the year of the corona into a productive frenzy and released no less than 10 albums!

A philosophical one-man song machine, the Canadian indie bard's prolificity doesn’t diminish the quality of his work as he shifts mode.

He’s collaborated musically with the likes of Julie Doiron, The Weather Station, City and Colour and Danny Carey from Tool. He has also collaborated on musical projects with bands such as Attack in Black, Ancient Shapes and The Outfit.

For Daniel Romano, the magic of live performance is all about spontaneity.

His current backing band, The Outfit, plays like the best ones out there. But be careful about those expectations. If you’ve come to hear country music, they’ll probably serve you raucous rockers instead – and if you hope to hear some rock’n’roll you might just be treated with set of acoustic tear-jerkers.

Daniel Romano remains a man of surprise! And no matter what he will serve you, you know it will be good!