Monday 27 June 2022
Punk rock with a clenched fist directed at the authorities

The southern part of Norway is often referred to as the bible belt. Religion and abstinence are often on the agenda here.

But the region also houses young people who stand up against the prevailing forces. They insist on being themselves and won’t let their way of life be dictated by the authorities. Least of all religion.

Meet the Kristiansand-based band Daufødt (translates to 'stillborn').

Daufødt represents raw energy, full charge ahead and indignation, and they have taken the Norwegian live scene by storm with their direct, confrontational punk rock and fierce screams from singer Annika Verdel Homme.

In other words, things don’t exactly go down quietly in the company of Daufødt. In fact, the band has made such a racket that they have won the prize for rock album of the year at Norway's most prestigious music award, Spellemannprisen.

That was with the 2020 release 1000 Island.

The record is a loud, fast-paced and razor-sharp break with hypocrisy and double standards, religion and, not least, old men in general.

They have raised their fists, musically speaking. Everyone who has experienced Daufødt in concert knows all about this. They play with such a vigour that you were to think their lives depended in it.

Come and clench your fists against the authorities together with Daufødt when they take the Rising stage at Roskilde Festival 2022.