Sunday 26 June 2022
Pop bangers with a hint of Oriental flavours

You may have already heard “Goddess”. If you, you'd better get started!

Since it was released in 2020, the song has more or less had a permanent spot on the playlists at Danish radio stations. It's you certainly understand why. Because the cuddly track has a special catchiness to it. It appeals somewhat amiliar – yet it stands out as something original.

The musician behind it is called Isabella Dayyani. She mixes different tastes, colours and sounds in her music. Insert some rock attitude, some affectionate R&B and some colourful electro pop. Moreover, insert a taste of Middle Eastern music culture. DAYYANI (yes, in capital letters!) has Iranian roots, and she includes her roots in her songs, making them really light up.

"She's a natural goddess taking over the world," sings Dayyani - and that could sound like a prophecy for herself as an artist.

In 2021, DAYYANI released her debut EP, All the Things I’m Learning. The EP was released on Ganger's label Yachtvej, which is no coincidence. DAYYANI has previously sung together with the band.

DAYYANI has recently followed up with the single ”My Shit”, which exudes noughties nostalgia and lots of synths. Another pop banger, something that DAYYANI is starting to have quite a lot of.

Don't miss out on DAYYANI when she steps on the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2022!