Monday 27 June 2022
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Boundary-pushing hyper-pop

Sophia Hage is the name of the artist behind the moniker Debbie Sings. She is a new, exciting artist who has grown out of the trio Jenny. If you don't know this trio you're excused. They were only here for what seemed like a minute before they were gone again. But they did leave a mark (listen to this song,for example). The band featured three artists who would soon venture out with each their own projects.

One of them is Sophia Hage who with Debbie Sings makes an exciting type of hyper-pop that sounds as if all knobs are turned up on the flashing mixer. And why not make a LOUD impression from the very beginning?

At the time of writing, Debbie Sings has just released one song. "Satanizer" is boundary-pushing pop music with helium-like vocals and a hard-pumped production with jungle-like, busy drum programming. She has stated that she is trying to create music that investigates extremes that sound like something from another world.

Debbie Sings is also featured in the more folk-ish "Don't You Wait for Me". The song was made together with Barbro who has also grown out of the Jenny band and who also performs at Roskilde Festival.

So, there is plenty to be excited about, and Debbie Sings has just opened her mouth and sung her first lines. An EP should be on its way so there is something to listen up on before the talented musician enters the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2022.