Monday 27 June 2022
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Come and hear speeches from young people with filled with hopes and dreams for the future. Be a part of our dream workshop.

As a young person, when you have to flee and start over in Denmark, you are met with a temporariness that makes it difficult to see what your future will be like. Can you be sure to stay in Denmark where you now have an everyday life and dreams for the future?

DFUNK – Danish Refugee Council Youth – poses this big question when they participate in the Flokkr programme at Roskilde Festival.

From the stage, you can hear emotional speeches by young opinion formers from DFUNK and by Manila Ghafuri who is the chairperson of RAPOLITICS and who is behind a number of charity events for Afghanistan (from where she and her family have fled) where she has brought focus on a horrible situation and shown how it is possible to help and aid from afar.

Come and learn more about what it means in a young person's life when your fate, dreams and hopes are not only in your own hands but can be decided by others. How does it affect a person and what can we do about it? That’s what we want to focus on together with you.

You can also stop by our dream workshop where you can pen down small poems. You can also listen to a fragmentary soundscape from the podcast series "Udviste drømme” (‘deported dreams’) and explore our pop-up exhibition which focuses on everyday life, temporariness and dreams.