Thursday 30 June 2022

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Malian DJ makes crazy-fast rave music that will make you go mad!

Exciting dancefloor action not only belongs to its spiritual homes of Detroit, Chicago, Berlin or London. Nowadays, there is a lot of hot stuff coming out of the Ugandan label Nyege Nyege Tapes.

One of the artists they represent is Malian DJ Diaki.

He is a stalwart of the Balani Show sound system – a party setup playing electronic, layered versions of the marimba-style instrument balafon.

In certain corners of the rave universe, speed is of the essence. In DJ Diaki’s world speed is king. He mixes Bamako’s balani culture with elements of footwork and drum’n’bass in what has been called a quintessential Afro rave expression.

In 2020, he released the tape Balani Fou (it means ‘crazy balani’) which is a chaotic landslide of differing rhythms playing all at once. Diaki’s balani is artfully composed and full of depth that is initially masked by its incredible pace (let’s just say that it’s maniacally fast!). It’s a style that reflects the ecstatic, feet-pounding party atmosphere of the Balani Show outings.

The fascination is the overwhelming presence of the sound, and you’ll easily find a danceability within the busily layered tracks.

DJ Diaki has set fire to the dancefloor at Berlin’s trendy club scenes as well as in villages on the outskirts of Bamako. Now, he will make your head spin and your body go crazy at Roskilde Festival.

DJ Diaki is presented together with Nyege Nyege Tapes, a Uganda-based label that brings chaos to the digital dancefloor and empowers artists across the African continent.