Tuesday 28 June 2022
The Danish pop comet on her way towards the stars

When Dopha released her debut album, The Game, in 2021, it was called an album much-needed in the Danish music scene, according to Danish music media GAFFA.

The reason is simple. Dopha's music stands out from pretty much everything else in the Danish pop scene.

Dopha's real name is Sofie Daugaard Andersen and she comes from the western part of Denmark. That sounds pretty grounded  - in the good way, mind you. So, when Sofie becomes Dopha, she is also the self-made artist who plays her own guitar and who writes her own songs. When she records them they get a proper pop shine while at the same time leaving enough tenderness and edge for Dopha to appear as a genuine artist.

The Game is an album that has been critically acclaimed all over because it is filled with earworms for anyone who is into acts like Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift.

A handful of popular singles followed n the wake, and they have been played generously on Danish radio, which also led Dopha to appearing on national television (watch here og here). The single "The Game" was nominated for 'Song of the year' at the Danish music critics' own award called Steppeulven, and at Carl Prisen Dopha was nominated for further two awards, ‘pop composer of the year’ and ‘talent of the year’, respectively.

Unfortunately, The Game also came out with an unfortunate time in relation to a racing pandemic.

Everything was lined up for Dopha - but was it to be taken away from Dopha again? She had no opportunity to get out a prove her worth on the live stages. We had booked her for Roskilde Festival 2020 (even before the record was out), which didn't happen either.

Dopha is the type of artist that you can't get out of your head. Fortunately, she is not the type of artist who allowws anything to stand in her way.

If you really want to experience Dopha, you need to see her live. Here, her songs get a different and more immediate expression, they have more edge and her personality shines much better through.

So, let's try again.

Make sure you are amongst those who can brag about seeing her on the way up. Catch her when she performs on our Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2022.