Sunday 26 June 2022

- Tuesday 28 June 2022

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Emergency Architecture & Human Rights (EAHR) team up with Log Ladies to design and build a Climate Pavilion, a venue for workshops, play and reflection.

Meet EAHR. That’s short for Emergency Architecture & Human Rights. They work to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable groups suffering from inequality and humanitarian crises.

EAHR and the queer carpentry cooperative Log Ladies have joined forces in order to construct Climate Pavilion: a platform for workshops, play, and reflection around issues of solidarity, sustainability, and inclusion.

There is no central stage, and there is no conventional audience. The design concept consists in the joining of two curves that together forms into a wave-like structure, and we encourage people to come, to meet, to share ideas, and to connect.

The material used is wood from sustainable foresting, recycled materials, and textile for partial cover of the structure. After the festival, Climate Pavilion will be disassembled and donated to local organizations and educational facilities for repurposing.

Climate Pavilion is placed near The Circular Lab to create an area with activities focused on climate and sustainability, from which initiatives can emerge to the rest of the festival. During the camping days, Sunday June 26 to Tuesday June 28, Climate Pavilion is activated with a workshop-centred program. Check out the program, and drop by to join the many activities.

We wish to engage and inspire through active participation, and our aim is to provide everyone with new skills and perspectives that can be used and shared after the festival.

How are we all connected? Can we expand our solidarity to encompass all living beings? And how do we develop the knowledge, the tools, and the courage to act? Join us at Climate Pavilion, and together we will find out.

Wood donated and delivered by Frøslev Træ A/S and Fremtidens Fundament contributes with screw pile foundations.