- Saturday 2 July 2022

A colourful woven landscape made up of beautiful and complicated patterns

It’s always great to have a meeting point, a place to hangout and to relax. It’s even better when this point becomes sculptural, giving you something to lean your eyes on and take in.

Woven Together is a colourful woven landscape with volumes creating different opportunities for seating and hanging out. It is inspired by the inner weavings of our interrelationships, showing how each thread is a part of society as a whole.

Elvira Von Wieding and Sia Hurtigkarl are both based in Copenhagen and work within the field of design as a duo as well as individually – primarily creating exhibitions, installations and objects.

The two designers meet in a common interest of conceptual and reflective design. Together, the duo aims to communicate complex topics through strong visual elements and large-scale installations. 

Textile is essential to the work of both designers – as a material, as a craftsmanship and as an ongoing source of visual inspiration. 

Elvira and Sia have been working together since their studies at Design Academy Eindhoven.