Sunday 26 June 2022

- 2 July 2022

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At this year's Roskilde Festival, you will experience visuals on the two stages Countdown and Mantra created by current and former students from Engelsholm Folk High School.

The school’s subject Audiovisual Art & VJ’ing is based on Engelsholm's history as the home of an alchemist who, with a mixture of science and magic, tried to elevate raw materials to precious metals. As a modern form of alchemy, students have experimented with animation, computer coding, paint, video recordings, glitter, soap, oils, and quirky machines to conjure up visuals for the two stages under the project name Alchemy.

Engelsholm VJs:

  • Astrid Hald
  • Emil Berg Sørensen
  • Harley Nanfeld Foged
  • Jeppe Pape Møller
  • Jesper Thiemer
  • Joakim Dalmar
  • Liv Moeslund Ahlgren
  • Malte Bøgelund Agerby
  • Marie Astrid Murphy
  • Marius Juul Nielsen
  • Mina Paasche
  • Rigmor Reher
  • Sofia Sørensen
  • Vũ Minh Khánh