Saturday 2 July 2022
This internationally praised R&B musician will captivate you


Erika de Casier's music is full of reference points to music you know.

It links back to the R&B of the 90s with nostalgic sounds running through the compositions. At the same time, the music has a timeless quality to it.

The Portuguese-born artist (she came to Denmark as a child) released her solo debut album in 2019 on her own record label. She called it Essentials – because, well, the sound is basically what she grew up with and what she still loves to this day.

And her true love of music combined with a great songwriting skills (the singles "Do My Thing" and "Little Bit" have done miracles!) later led her to tastemaker label 4AD who released her latest and highly acclaimed record, Sensational.

De Casiers sings with a fragile and airy voice, and she sings about love lives that are either shipwrecked or on a collision course, and she does so with an acuteness and a special wink of an eye. Looking back and recalling a time that once was is really a thing with de Casier who at the same time is really fixed on the future.

When she plays live, she really takes the room and creates an intimacy making the noise of the outside world completely shut out.

When Erika de Casier steps on stage at Roskilde Festival 2022, she will perform a whole new show and she is backed by a full band. Don't miss her!