Friday 1 July 2022

Plays as part of the Friday programme

A fresh new voice in the international jazz scene

Lagos-based Etuk Ubong is part of a long line of fiery, Afrobeat-rooted, hard bop-influenced trumpeters, which stretches back to Tunde Williams who was a founder member of Fela Kuti's seminal band Africa 70 in the 60s.

Etuk Ubong styles his output ‘earth music’ which is characterised by urgent tempos, powerful horn charts and highly charged socio-political lyrics.

In other words, mindblowing stuff!

Ubong made his own-name debut in 2017 when he released Tales of Life. Before then, he was a member of The Positive Force, the Afrobeat ensemble led by Fela Kuti's eldest son, Femi.

His international star rose rapidly in 2019 when he performed at the EFG London Jazz Festival and at the crucible of London's alternative jazz scene, Steam Down.

On his second album, Africa Today (2020), Etuk Ubong pivots in a more Africentric direction. The album was recorded with an 11-piece band. Vocals are more present and there is a hefty rhythmic infusion of a ritual music known as ekombi which originated among the Efik people in Nigeria's Cross River State where Ubong was born.

The result is urgent and energetic and danceable. Just have a look and a listen for yourself. Etuk Ubong’s live presence is truly enchanting and something you should not miss out on! We’ll see you at the stage for some genuine earth music!