Wednesday 29 June 2022
Catchy and rave-ready tunes from sensational sibling duo

This duo is not like everyone you know. They are rather everyone you need to know right now.

Everyone You Know (EYK) – consisting of brothers Rhys Kirkby-Cox (mostly lyrics and singing) and Harvey Kirkby (mostly producing) – have a special verve, swagger and cheekiness that is really refreshing right now.

They have an irresistible genre-blending sound, mixing British subcultures with an unpredictable twist, shaping their own version of English suburbia.

Channelling the likes of early Plan B, The Streets, Chase + Status and Kano, the pair have released a handful of booming EPs as well as a self-declared “unofficial album”, Just for the Times.

EYK constructs a sound that works just as well in your living room as it does in the club. It’s mellow, bouncy, thoughtful, party-minded and melancholic – all at the same time. Imagine a sonic conglomeration of indie and rave energy, guitar riffs and hip-hop, all infused with satisfyingly percussive baseline beats and thoughtful lyricism.

Just listen to the house-y, garage-y and poppy track “Just for the Times”, which is a triumphant, club-ready anthem that celebrates all the shared joys in life (we all need that right now!). Also, try listening to the brother duo’s first big hit “She Don’t Dance” which twists EYK’s unique blend of hip-hop with elements of electronica and classic 90s rave.

If you feel like dancing and want to have that communal experience on the dancefloor (that’ll be grass at Roskilde, though!), you shouldn’t miss out on this brother duo. Bring everyone you know!