Thursday 30 June 2022
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Be hypnotised by Thracian psychedelic folk music

Get ready for a special type of folk music.

Evritiki Zygia (Greek spelling: Εβρίτικη Ζυγιά) has a ferocity that speaks to the tenacity of old traditions as well as to a progressive spirit. It's nothing short of hypnotic.

Locally active for over a decade in their home region of Evros, Evritiki Zygia are known for their work in performing in musical styles from the region of Thrace, which spreads across the modern-day borders of Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey.

Thrace is considered the homeland of Orpheus who, according to the Greek myth, was the most important representative of the singing arts and the Thracian lyra.

Evritiki Zygia manages to bring ancient Thrace to the present.

The band employs centuries-old instruments like the flute-like kaval, the bagpipe, Thracian lyre and double-headed davul drum with electronic drones and embellishments by way of Yorgos Drikoudis’ weighty work on Moog and organ.

The result is spellbinding psychedelic folk music that invites you to dance and find your own way into a trance. Try giving their record Ormenion a spin – it’ll take you to a hot and seductive place.