Monday 27 June 2022
Literature and music meet when First Hate adds music to Cecilie Lind's novel Pigedyr.


Usually, books are meant to be read and music is meant to be listened to. In this special constellation with First Hate and Cecilie Lind, the two worlds melt together.

You are invited to a novel concert.

The novel Pigedyr (‘girl animal’) by Cecilie Lind is about being strong and weak. Beautiful and ugly. Good and evil. It's about the girl and her power and her powerlessness. It's about looking in the mirror. And that the mirror sees you.   

Get ready to experience First Hate unfold the universe from Cecilie Lind's latest novel Pigedyr (2022) in a unique musical mashup of alternative pop and electronic dream worlds.  

First Hate consists of Anton Falck and Joakim Wei Bernild. Together, they have created a niche for themselves as pop stars in a parallel universe full of bittersweet club melancholy and dreamy anthems. The band is known for their energetic performances, which have made them a popular live act.  

Cecilie Lind is a Danish author. She has published both collections of poems and novels. In 2018, she received a three-year work grant from the Danish Arts Foundation. In 2020, she won the Modersmål-Prisen (‘mother tongue award’) for unique use of the Danish language in her work. Her latest novel Pigedyr is published by Gyldendal.

The novel concert is a collaboration with Gyldendal. The novel concert as a concept has been developed by Gyldendal.