Thursday 30 June 2022
She’s fun, she’s smart, she’s impressive. Say hello to hip-hop’s next great star.

Flo Milli has been quick to take the internet by storm in her short ascent to the top.

Releasing her first official track “Beef FloMix” on her SoundCloud, the young rapper had gone viral by early 2019 through Tiktok, marking her breakout success and she hasn’t let up since.

The 22-year-old Alabama released her first full-length mixtape, the amusingly titled Ho, Why Is You Here?, in 2020. It is catchy, sassy and packed with witty retorts and punchy pop-trap beats. Her vibe on every track has both bravado and star power.

Her goal is also to empowers women with her real-life experiences that manifests itself within her music. The mixtape is a one-woman show, with no guest verses. This is about Flo Milli.

The mixtape earned Flo Milli a nomination for ‘best new artist’ at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Since the mixtape, Flo Milli is gearing up for more. She’s done some guest appearances with the likes of Rico Nasty, Sally Sossa and YungManny.

She’s also started releasing a stream of new singles: first “Ice Baby”, then the fun and original ‘musical duet’ called “Roaring 20s” and, most lately, “TBC”, a characteristically slick cut that stands for "Pretty, Black, Cute".

Flo Milli is really on a roll. Her quick, funny lyrics make her a natural for the TikTok era but she also has a smart-alecky star quality that’s appealing to fans of any age who like their hits to come with a memorable personality.

Don’t miss her when she takes the Apollo stage at Roskilde Festival 2022!