Saturday 2 July 2022

Plays as part of the Saturday programme

One of modern music's most influential producers delivers powerful electro pop

Collaborations with the likes of Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, Romy (The XX), Headie One and Brian Eno have made Fred again.. a household name.

The UK charts have quite literally been a case of Fred again.. and again and again. His name has been in the writing or production credits on more songs than you can possibly imagine. He was also the youngest producer ever to receive the ‘Producer of the year’ BRIT award in 2020.

So do take note of the name: Fred again.. (capital F, the rest in lower case, two periods at the end).English paragraph text

Now, he is stepping out of the producer’s chair and into the solo career sphere.

Brian Eno, Fred’s mentor, urged him to go solo. And since he’s constantly whipping up songs, why not make something of it under his own name?

Fred’s musical anthologies have become his answer to a diary. He’s creating sonic timestamps of a space and a time in his life, like quick photographs or brief snippets into his world.

This approach has already resulted in two albums, Actual Life and Actual Life 2. He’s been quoted saying that he wants to do two albums a year!

The 28-year-old producer uses samples and found clips on the internet, which he transforms into a sweeping symphony of drums, strings, piano and voices from those around him. It’s a wonderful mix that blends club sensibilities and his own slick pop songwriting.

It’s emotional stuff that deals with the pandemic, with grief and loss – but also hope. It works as a soundtrack for the current time we’re in, and there’s a song for every emotion you’ve felt throughout the past couple of years. The albums develop, ultimately steering towards the sunlight.

And that’s exactly how you should imagine Fred again..’s live set at Roskilde Festival. He will take you on an emotional journey, delivering both blissful moments and upbeat dance tunes. At the end of it all you will feel uplifted.

Don’t miss out on Fred again.. Instead, press play on his music, and you’ll find that want to hear it again and again and again...