The organisation is present at Roskilde Festival to activate and engage you

Roskilde Festival has joined forces with The Green Youth Movement, Fridays For Future, LGBT + Danmark and UngEnergi. Together, the four organisations have prepared lots of different content based on their different activist works. They all share a community of action where music, art and creative expression are the catalyst for commitment.

All this will unfold both on our Flokkr stage and on the campsite in the first days of the festival. After this, the project will head out on a small tour with stops at Folkemøde Møn (19-20 August 2022), Ungdommens Folkemøde (7-8 September 2022) and GRASP (6-8 October 2022).

Fridays For Future is hosting a creative event where you can try body painting. The message is climate action and a focus on nature. We must pay tribute to the planet we live on and for which we must continue to fight. Therefore, you can get body painting done with natured motifs.

Handcuff campaign
Tuesday 28 June at 13:30, Fridays For Future will do a “handcuff-campaign” – a symbolic campaign where they will represent and stand in solidarity with climate activists from around the world, who are being undermined and oppressed for their activism. Chained together with handcuffs and with tape in front their mouths, Fridays For Future can be found in the Central Park area, equipped with signs and banners with strong climate messages.