Friday 1 July 2022
When music becomes therapy. Prepare for some dark and menacing sounds about being the victim of a sexual assault.

Are you ready for some dark, confrontational music? Or should we say – are you ready for some brooding, redeeming music to get rid of all the demons eating you from the inside?

GGGOLDDD is a Dutch rock band who like their sound dark, metal-influenced and gothic. They used to be called GOLD. The extra stuttering consonants were introduced with the band’s latest album This Shame Should Not Be Mine.

And this is where things get really dark.

At age 19, front woman Eva Milena was raped. The trauma of this event was pushed away for many years, but in the silence of 2020’s lockdown she was confronted with her past. Creating music alongside her partner Thomas Sciarone and their band members, Igor, Jaka, Danielle and Vincent provided her with an outlet to process her emotions.

With excellent songwriting, great musicianship and a mood-driven sound, GGGOLDDD addresses the issue of rape in a brutally honest way, generating a memorably dark and uneasy ambiance. Not an easy listen, for sure. Yet very captivating and intense!

So, if you’re up for it, we’d like to invite you inside the darkness of the Gloria stage for a spellbinding show in the company of GGGOLDDD.