Wednesday 29 June 2022
Lo-fi indie rockers from down under

Say g’day to Good Morning.

Good Morning is an indie rock duo from Melbourne, Australia, consisting of friends and band buddies Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons.

They have been playing music together forever. They’ve shifted between bands, independent music-making and their indie-rock venture, Good Morning.

Together, they’ve concocted a scrappy blend of jangle pop, folksy ballads and noise rock with a cool-kid DIY flair. They’ve been sampled by A$AP Rocky, released a handful of EPs and in 2021 they released the album Barnyard on Polyvinyl Records.

The duo’s affection for lo-fi is evident, as is their solid songwriting chops. Barnyard is a laidback album, which feels as if you are listening to an intimate live session instead of a polished studio album. At the same time, it’s an almost kaleidoscopic mixtape of hazy, genre-hopping indie-rock, taking the best from many worlds.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Mac Demarco, Beach Fossils, Boy Pablo and the like, you’re in for a treat with Good Morning when they play Roskilde Festival 2022.