Saturday 2 July 2022
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Traditional Serbian vocals meet minimalism and experimental electronics

Gordan is a brand-new collaboration between renowned Serbian singer Svetlana Spajic and two Germans, Andi Stecher and Guido Möbius, who are also active in the drum'n'feedback duo GAMS.

In Gordan, the trio explores the strengths and sensitivities of their respective musical areas, which in a constant dialogue between sound and noise gives life to traditional Balkan singing alongside restless beats, rich feedback experiments and cool minimalism.

Svetlana Spajic is internationally known for her rare ability to master all the complex local styles of singing in Balkan music.

Guido Möbius creates feedback using bass, electronic sound generators and effects, which he distorts or amplifies in a shifting counterplay and harmony with Spajic's singing.

The noisy and dynamic body of sound is both propelled and fragmented by Andi Stecher's nuanced drumming and percussion playing.

In other words, Gordan creates a sound that has probably never been heard before. Listen to their excellent album, Down in the Meadow, released on Berlin-based Morphine Records. Rumour has it that they are already working on a new record.

Fortunately, they have also found time in their busy schedule to drop by Roskilde Festival where their melting pot of tradition and experiment will certainly make the stage space vibrate.