Wednesday 29 June 2022
Woke-minded musician with much-needed messages and a fluid mix of rap, rock and electronic music.


The younger generation has a lot on their mind. In a landscape of political turmoil, societal divide and a global health crisis, they’re trying to navigate their way through and come out of it all relatively unscathed.

Good thing we have grandson to help them find their way.

grandson (yes, only in lowercase letters) is the stage name for Canadian one-man musical chameleon Jordan Edward Benjamin.

It all started with the single ”Blood // Water” which attacks corporate greed and political corruption. The song was part of the popular ”Riverdale” TV series and even a theme song in a wrestling programme. grandson hit a perfect mix of angry rock, hip-hop and stamping electronic beats, which spoke directly to music lovers all over the world.

In 2020, grandson released his debut album – and don’t be fooled by the title, Death of an Optimist. The freewheeling spirit of invention that grandson brings to bear across his songs offer many reasons to be hopeful – despite the corrosive influence of the conceptual devil-on-his-shoulder alter-ego X. X just wants to sell out, set fire to the world and roll with the big machine without consequences.

The music has a natural flow with intelligent picks from alt-rock, hip-hop, dubstep etc. – and everything is turned into a many-coloured whole as a soundtrack for the youth generation who feel betrayed. grandson sings on their behalf!

On a live stage, grandson is a spellbinding figure. He really takes the stage just as he takes you by the hand for a bombastic party that calls for your inner activist at the same time. And he brings a hard-hitting band who knows just how to play tight and rocking loose at the same time. Do you want a taste of what they can pull off, then we suggest having a look here.