Thursday 30 June 2022
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Ready for a therapeutic rave? Group Therapy has got you covered with a six-hour bash

Group Therapy is a not-for-profit volunteer DIY party collective with bi-monthly therapeutic dance sessions at the Copenhagen nightclub Ved Siden Af and at the occasional off-venue location.

Started in 2018, Group Therapy have built a dedicated community of dancers with a floor that makes space for silliness, self-exploration and body positivity. Core to Group Therapy is the focus on diversity in and around the DJ booth, and femme and queer representation will always be found at their parties.  

Group Therapy nights have a distinctive queer and humorous feel, and a varied eclectic sound spanning from technical intelligent dance music to tear-jerking bangers, resulting in long sweaty sessions.

At Roskilde Festival 2022, Group Therapy presents a handful of performers who collectively will get the party going in the course of six hours in our special hang-out place Ambereum.

Look forward to meeting:

Tama Sumo and Lakuti are a power couple and queer nightlife legends. Tama Sumo is a German DJ and producer who has been hailed as one of the world's finest house and techno DJs. She is signed to the Ostgut Ton label and is a resident DJ at the exclusive nightclub Berghain in Berlin. Lakuti is a South African DJ who has been all over the place, both as a DJ and a club organiser. She is also the founder of Uzuri Recordings.

PROXY and Alectra are a performance duo ready to get down and dirty! These two international superstars are here to get messy with you and they are excited to play their new bitch track and take off their clothes!

Carlo & Selma are a Scandi-Latino duo who are co-founders and residents at the therapeutic dancing sessions Group Therapy. Dynamic and genre-fluid, they bring together a feisty mix of old-school stomping grooves, chopped-up breaks, trance and disco oddities sprinkled with bouncy 90s gems.

Frederik Tollund is also a co-founder of Group Therapy. As a DJ, he is known for his high-energy sets spanning technical bass music, lofty tear-jerkers and diva house – all while retaining a pop-sensibility. His own productions have followed a similar, hook-loving vein with tracks released on Radiant Love and Another Name.