Saturday 2 July 2022
Young bedroom producer makes astonishing songs

What do you need to make music?

Hannah Jadagu just needs a mobile phone. The resourceful 19-year-old bedroom producer makes her music all through her iPhone.

She started her career putting up music on Instagram. It didn’t take long before Sub Pop Records signed her.

In 2021, she released her debut EP What Is Going On? which contains five songs of bedroom pop that goes far beyond the constraint of four walls. Each song is indulgent and soft, every lyric so real and heartfelt that it feels like a conversation with a close friend.

The songs encapsulate the thoughts, hopes and fears of growing up as a young Black woman in the U.S. with themes of empowerment and a wise-beyond-her-years worldview weaved throughout. 

Jadagu wraps her concerns in shimmery layers of off-center pop frosting. She adds wonderfully chiming guitars and multi-layered vocals that sings straight into your heart.

It didn’t take long before Jadagu moved her intimate music out on the live stages. She’s been on tour with the likes of Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing and Ritt Momney – and she’s really attracting some attention. Surrounded by a full band, her sweet-sounding songs get a different kind of live feel.

Hannah Jadagu is currently working on her debut album so when she visits Roskilde Festival, we can expect lots of new tunes.