Friday 1 July 2022
Dreamy downtempo R&B from star musician

The name is Gabi Wilson. But you can refer to this stunning artist as simply H.E.R. (it’s short for Having Everything Revealed).

She’s one of the most acclaimed R&B artists since 2016, the year her first EP found a rapt audience. H.E.R. has been celebrated for vulnerable yet assured love ballads and sharp protest songs alike.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter maximises the power of her honeyed vocals as a simultaneously poetic and straightforward lyricist and can shift to convincing MC mode on a dime.

Her previous year has been tremendously transcendent.

She won a Grammy for “I Can’t Breathe”, her heartrending protest song written in response to George Floyd’s murder. Later, she collected an Oscar for “Fight for You”, her soulful contribution to the film Judas and the Black Messiah.

And then she released her debut album Back of My Mind, a perfectly assembled 80-minute R&B masterclass. While it utilises R&B as its starting point it also yearns towards a broader sense of 360 panoramic soul music that is curiously more universal while becoming yet more personal. To quote the singer H.E.R.self: “You can’t put a label on something that touches everybody”.

When H.E.R. doesn’t write her own music, she’s successful as a co-writer for other artists. Take, for instance, Daniel Caesar's "Best Part," YG's "Slide" and Skip Marley's "Slow Down". They all have that H.E.R. touch in them.

In 2021, H.E.R. made a magnificent appearance at the Superbowl. Armed with just a guitar and her voice, she stunned everybody in the stadium. And she can pull off multi-instrumental tricks as well. When she performed at the Apollo Theater in New York she took to both the piano, the guitar, the bass and the drums. She ties everything together for a splendid show – one that you should not miss out on when H.E.R. plays at Roskilde Festival 2022.