Friday 1 July 2022

Plays as part of the Friday programme

New sensation and hot act brings new excitement to guitar-based indie rock

The joy of noise-making belongs to the young. That’s what Horsegirl convinces you of when you listen to their lovely racket of guitar noise – the way it’s supposed to sound.

Horsegirl is a Chicago-based trio consisting of three women aged 17 to 19. They initially bonded over their similar taste in records. After a brief time in a Sonic Youth cover band and one open-mic later, Horsegirl was formed.

Horsegirl operate as a true unit, with a young and punk-minded aesthetic. There’s an edginess to their sound, which features dreamy guitars and distinct dual vocal melodies. Always present in the sound is that restless guitar distortion – sometimes very subtle, other times at full blast – which adds a special nerve to the band’s music.

If you have ever been excited about the likes of Sonic Youth, Throwing Muses or The Breeders, you should not miss out on this exciting trio. They will remind you what made you fall in love with music to begin with!

In 2020, they self-released the ep Ballroom Dance Scene et cetera (best of Horsegirl) (listen here) which made the indie world prick up their ears.

It’s no wonder that Matador Records rushed to sign Horsegirl given they’re following in many of their labelmates’ footsteps. First single out on Matador is the lovely noise rocker “Billy”.

Horsegirl has been on a US tour trying out their material in front of a live audience. They’re naturals when it comes to playing live – they did meet at a music program focused on live performance, after all.

So, we’re pretty excited about inviting the wise-beyond-their-years trio to Roskilde Festival 2022. They will get you rocking!