IB101 DK

Sunday 26 June 2022
Lo-fi pop productions with references to both boybands, Prince and Britney

There is a strong relevance to irrelevantbitch101, or as it appears in its abbreviated form: iB101. Behind the project we find Martin Tangsgaard.

He sings songs about existential questions such as sexuality, self-esteem, relationships and self-esteem.

Heavy stuff. But he wraps it in sweet and light sounds. It’s full of '00s aesthetics and it tastes like funky pop music. The role models Britney, Prince and Mariah are probably looking over his shoulder somewhere.

iB101 has released two records, Persona Non Grata (2020) and Enfant Terrible (2022), which clearly show an artist who knows where he wants to go but who at the same time develops his sound along the way.

When iB101 steps on stage, you can expect a party. A party where sugary songs about both the ironic and the deeply serious will aim for your heart and get your body moving.