Saturday 2 July 2022

Plays as part of the Saturday programme

The Danish stars enthuse once again with their corrosive and melodic post-punk

Iceage is one of Danish music's biggest export successes right now.

When the five lads started the band, they were just 17 years old and could barely master their own instruments. But the will, the vision and the enthusiasm have taken them a long way since then. Just have a look at tastemaker music site Pitchfork– they've given top marks to all of the band's five records!

Iceage grew out of Mayhem, the Copenhagen hotbed of new adventurous and rebellious music. The musical starting point was an icy and raw post-punk expression in the vein of Birthday Party (Nick Cave's first band). That meant lots of dissonance, snarling vowels and a fierce, dark energy. The band grew and continued to develop to find a musical overview of sorts, which brought new layers to Iceage's music for each new record they released.

The Copenhagen band's fifth and latest album, Seek Shelter, came out in 2021 and has been widely hailed as the band's strongest so far. Here, too, Iceage digs new inspirations. Inspired by everything from the Rolling Stones to the Brit rock of the 1990s and with an exciting inclusion of gospel choirs, Iceage stands out on the international music arena as one of the (still) most exciting bands right now.

We have had Iceage at Roskilde Festival since the early beginnings (first show was in 2010). On a continuous basis, we have followed them on the ascension towards the stars and seen them develop into a truly phenomenal live band. Let it be said, it should be on every rock fan's bucket list to see Iceage in concert! Good thing you can catch them at Roskilde Festival 2022, then!