Thursday 30 June 2022

Plays as part of the Thursday programme

What’s popping? That’s Jack Harlow, the new rapper hitting the charts – and the stages.

Jack Harlow is one of the most hyped new rappers.

The Louisville-based MC gained recognition when he dropped his breakthrough song, “Whats Poppin,” which took off on TikTok and garnered him a no. 2 single and a Grammy nomination.

Later followed his album Thats What They All Say (2020), which debuted at no. 5 on the Billboard 200. Boasting features from Lil Baby, Bryson Tiller and Lil Wayne, the rapper's debut album offers a wide set of mellow trap anthems.

Harlow reps hometown Louisville like none other. He craves mint juleps and hot browns and name-drops his favourite combination deli-liquor store. 

And when Harlow did his XXL Freshman freestyle to honour one-man Louisville barbecue institution David McAtee whom police killed during a George Floyd and Breonna Taylor protest.

The 23-year-old rapper is not afraid of getting introspective as well. He addresses being uncomfortable about his acclaim (“Keep It Light”) and his white privilege (“Baxter Avenue”).

Jack Harlow is a skilled rapper. He doesn't solely rest on poppy hooks or sing-songy flows like many in his generation do. He's a sly lyricist and he has a great ear for beats and how to fit them into his vision for a larger project.

2021 saw Harlow issue a string of singles, including a chart-topping, Grammy-nominated collaboration with his friend Lil Nas X on “Industry Baby”. He also performed on Saturday Night Live and at the VMAs.

Jack Harlow is just getting started. Now he’s bringing a show to Roskilde Festival 2022.