Friday 1 July 2022

Plays as part of the Friday programme

The Danish pop sensation finally returns to Roskilde Festival


We tried in 2020. We tried again in 2021. 2022 has to be the year when we can finally welcome back Jada to the Roskilde line-up.

We had chosen her as the obvious choice for an opener of the Orange Stage. She had the impact and popularity to pack a big crowd in front of the stage.

Now, Jada has developed even further, both in popularity, in international appeal and in artistic ambition. So, we’ll give her a time slot after the sun has gone down. The stage is still Orange.

In a matter of short time, Jada sung her way into the beating hearts of all music lovers in Denmark. In 2019, she released her debut album I Cry a Lot to great critical acclaim. Pop and modern R&B go hand in hand with groovy beats, lofty feelings and of course Jada’s fantastic voice. After a forced break when the world was under lockdown, Jada has returned with the victorious single “I’m Back”.

Jada was first spotted in 2018. That was the year she released two singles – and nothing more. But it was enough to confirm her massive talent. Her Roskilde track record started that same year when she played our Countdown stage (watch). She returned in 2019 as part of the main programme where she played for a packed Avalon tent (watch).

When she plays on the Orange altar, you can expect a spectacular show where music, choreography, dance etc. will make up the biggest show she has ever done. Not to be missed!