Friday 1 July 2022
The legendary Alice in Chains singer-guitarist is back in his solo outing

Jerry Cantrell is the musical mastermind in grunge gods Alice in Chains from Seattle. He is responsible for penning some of rock’s all-time great guitar riffs. And he is that voice that has always sung in gloomy-beautiful harmony together with Layne Staley and later with William DuVall, which we experienced at Roskilde Festival 2010 when Alice in Chains played here.

Cantrell’s sense of power, melody and dynamics, coupled with a stellar band chemistry gave the Alice albums that sense of something extra special that have marked out the true greats of rock music over the decades. Just listen to Dirt, Jar of Flies and the later Black Gives Way to Blue. It’s no exaggeration to say that they are one of the most influential bands out of the grunge scene.

When Alice in Chains went on hiatus in 1996, the productive Cantrell started up a solo career. He released two albums, Boggy Depot in 1998 and Degradation Trip in 2002. Both were full of that sweet ache with frustration, misery and mania, which we know so well from Alice in Chains.

It took further 19 years before Jerry Cantrell was back under his own name!

In 2021, he released his third solo album, Brighten, on which he proves that he has lost none of his songwriting and performance chops.

As the title indicates, Cantrell lets more light into his dark universe. The new album delivers a widescreen amalgam of dusty Americana, post-grunge and hard rock – and everything is wrapped in a warm melancholy and powerful emotions that will resonate with all music fans attracted by songs about the dark side of life.

Look forward to experiencing Jerry Cantrell when he and his band take the stage at Roskilde Festival 2022. For the first time under his own name.