Sunday 26 June 2022
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Dark and modern soul and rap from a unique voice

JEURU (pronounced Jay-Rue) is a very special voice on the Danish music scene. His vocals can reach depths that can make your heart beat heavier and faster.

JEURU was first introduced as a singer together with the duo KYO on the EP All the Same Dream. He could chant darkly and sing from the gutter up towards the sun.

It didn’t take long before this talent had to step out on his own.

JEURU moves on a musical line where one side is characterised by radio-friendly R&B (listen to "Nobody's Baby") and the other by more darkened rap music (listen to "Cut a Rug"). And he also has these noisey, big-city experiments that add another facet to JEURU.

The musician was born and raised in New York but has lived in Denmark for several years.

Now is the time for him to perform at Roskilde Festival. Catch JEURU on Countdown.