Thursday 30 June 2022
The band who brought emocore to the wider circles of music fans returns to Roskilde

Jimmy Eat World is a band that has written history. 20 years ago, the four-piece from Arizona paved the way for a mainstream audience to emocore – that hardcore and melodic rock combination that was kneaded and shaped in the 90s by American bands like Fugazi and Sunny Day Real Estate. 

Jimmy Eat World always had that sweet tooth for melody, and they blended in sugary power pop in their punkish rocking expression, which targets the heart as well as the head, and which has made fans all over the world scream along to their tunes.

Their 1999 album Clarity has become a landmark album for genre connoisseurs, but most people know Bleed American (2001), the fourth album by Jimmy Eat World, which sold a million, yielded the smash hit “The Middle” and rocketed the band to the alternative rock sky. The band has remained a league above the generation of genre torchbearers they helped spawn.

Jimmy Eat World have kept at it ever since and lost nothing of their relevance. They deserve a recognition as big as Weezer.

In 2019, the band’s tenth album, Surviving, was met with great acclaim. And it has brought the experienced band back out on the touring circuit. This brings them back to Roskilde Festival where they last played in 2005.

And in case you’re wondering about the odd name: Jimmy is guitarist Tom Linton's little brother who used to fight with their other brother Ed. Jimmy would always win because he was bigger. Ed took his revenge by drawing Jimmy cramming the world into his mouth. Jimmy Eat World.