Thursday 30 June 2022
Prepare for a crushingly heavy, industrial hardcore party with a wide range of guest vocalists

John Cxnnor is an act who creates dystopian havoc by means of electronic noise and industrial. Prepare for a total universe full of visuals, dark beats and lots of guest vocalists.

The whole thing is inspired by the sonic and visual universe from the Terminator film (hence the name!) and similar classic 80s movies.

John Cxnnor consists of two noise mongers and concept makers (they’re brothers as well) Ketil and Rasmus G. Sejersen who are also part of the metal group LLNN.

The duo incorporates a wealth of styles, including trip-hop, doom metal and scores from sci-fi films. They also include self-produced sound recordings of hydraulic crushed metal scraps and music instruments trashed with hammers!

John Cxnnor deserves your full attention. They have already completely redone existing songs by the likes of EYES and HIRAKI. The thundering drums and whipping guitars are muted. Instead, an electronic mean and dark sound takes over, letting the ill-tempered vocals sound as if they are throwing themselves up against the padded walls in isolation cells.

The noise makers in John Cxnnor have also done tracks with Cabal and given a brand-new sound to the dark folk singer The Devil’s Trade. And even more is coming!

Prepare for a pitch-black party where anything can happen! It will appeal to you if you like your music heavy. Or if you love electronic music (of the trashy kind). Or if you love new live concepts. Like a soundtrack for the end of the world.